Networking Basics

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At the beginning of a course of study towards the Cisco CCNA, it is a good idea to have an understanding of basic networking terms and concepts. Here is a list of introductory concepts that you should be familiar with: LAN – a local area network or LAN is a network that has the following […]
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Active Directory Replication

Active Directory Replication This video looks at how Domain Controllers in Active Directory replicate data between each other. Domain Controllers can either replicate at the site level or between sites. A different approach is used for each because at the site level you want changes to happen quickly. Between sites replication may be reduced and […]
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Active Directory Trusts

Active Directory Trusts Trusts in Active Directory create the pathways for authentication to occur. They are used to link Active Directory domains to each other and also link Active Directory domains to non Microsoft systems. Demonstration 08:56 In order to share resources between two domains, there must a trust or trusts connecting the two domains. […]
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